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We have a unique story.

On December 30th, 2021, we lost our home to the devastating Marshall Fire in Superior, CO. This catastrophic event, which had previously been unfathomable in such a safe suburb, burned down over a thousand homes, left the community in ruins, and exposed a difficult truth: the homes of the past are not equipped to withstand the trials of the future.

Having experienced this harsh reality firsthand, we were inspired to channel our energy and passion into helping the community overcome this tragedy and rebuild homes designed for the future - homes that will stand the test of time. Thus, Fenyx Construction was born.


Sustainably Built

Sadly, the natural disaster that took our home was only one of many - and many more to come. These disasters are fueled by climate change, and we believe it's our moral responsibility to minimize the environmental impact of the construction of each home as well as the operation of the home after construction.

Focused on Durability

We don't know what lies ahead. Extreme weather events and natural disasters are increasing at a rapid rate, and the Marshall Fire was certainly not a one-off event. That's why we build with the most durable, fire-resistant materials and carefully consider how to mitigate for each climate-related threat. Knowing firsthand the devastation that losing a home can cause, we're passionate about building homes that will survive whatever the future holds.

Meticulously Executed

Simply put, we're perfectionists. We take pride in our work and have an eye for detail - in the design process and in the field. We stay up to date with the latest innovations, technology, and building practices. We think through every inch of a house and optimize for the best experience living in it. We think that's the way a builder should be.

Image: We encourage our clients to make sustainable choices, such as opting for a metal roof. They have a long life span, are completely recyclable, and cut down on maintenance and energy use.

Image: ICCF (Insulated Composite Concrete Forms) are environmentally-friendly and extremely fire-resistant. We recommend this material for exterior walls over traditional stick framing.

Image: This modern take on an HVAC vent is an example of the level of detail we pay attention to. Why do things the way they've always been done when there's a more elegant solution?


Modern Luxury Split Level